Wooden Bar Stools, and bar stools in general, are very useful in the kitchen. They are the perfect furniture to go for if you want to turn up the decor of your kitchen. With a wooden bar stool chair at your kitchen counter, the place will look stunning and inviting. You should check for the different options of bar stool chairs available at your preferred online retail store. You will see many options, but focus your attention on the material, height, backrests, and swivel of the bar stool. Of all the types, wooden bar stool chairs are the most sturdy and durable. A wide range of designs and styles of these chairs are available at Modern Mood.

What’s The Perfect Height of Kitchen Bar Stools

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to kitchen bar stools. To get the perfect size of kitchen bar stools, you should measure the height of your kitchen countertop. The standard height for kitchen countertops is usually anywhere between 36 and 48 inches. 

Kitchen bar stools are available in two broad categories - fixed and adjustable. Adjustable bar stools are designed in such a way that you can increase or decrease the height at will. So whether you have a 36” or a 48” countertop, an adjustable stool will fit well. Fixed bar stools have a fixed height and you cannot adjust them. They are typically available in three types - standard bar stool, counter bar stools, and spectator bar stools. A spectator stool is the tallest, with a height of about 34 to 36 inches. They are fit for 48 inches countertops. 

Bar stools with adjustable bar stools swivel are the best bet for those who are likely to change houses. You can easily adjust the barstool to fit the height of your new home’s countertop whenever you move. But then, adjustable wooden stools are not so popular. The most popular type of adjustable stools is the ones made of metal. However, you can also get wooden bar stools that are fixed on an adjustable metal height.
Height of Wood Bar Stool Chair
Buying the Best Bar Stools

Buying the Best Bar Stools 

There are a few factors to consider if you want to buy the best bar stool. Aside from the material, height, and design of a bar stool, you should also consider its footrest and backrest. All bar stools have a footrest but not all have a backrest.

While all bar stools have a footrest, the footrests are not all the same. Make sure the footrest of the bar stool you’re about to buy is rightly placed for you. This means that you wouldn’t have to stretch to reach the footrest while sitting on the stool. The ideal footrest should be between 450 and 480 mm distance from the seat. It should also not be more than 320 mm from the floor, else you may have trouble climbing onto the seat.

It may seem difficult to confirm these details if you are buying from an online store, but it isn’t. All you need to do is ask the online retailer to provide these measurements. With that, you can evaluate your options and make an informed decision about purchasing the best bar stools. What’s more, if you want some extra comfort, ask for foam bar stools. 

Kitchen Bar Stools with or without Backrest

Some bar stools have a backrest while others do not. The choice between backrest or no-backrest depends on your personal preference. Stools with a backrest could offer more comfort and they are safer for kids. Conversely, wooden bar stools without backrests are sleek and take up less visual space. 

Kitchen Bar Stools with or without Backrest