A bookcase with doors is very useful for houses that keep lots of books. If you are looking for a bookcase with doors, you should get a piece that compliments your home. It should also be able to keep your books in good condition. And it should display your collection of books with a stylish artistic design.

You can easily find a product that meets the criteria above when you visit your favorite online furniture store. ModernMoods.com displays a wide range of bookcases with different price tags. But while shopping at the furniture store, pay close attention to the material and design of the bookcase before you commit to buying it

Material for Bookcase with Doors

The typical material for making a bookcase with a door is wood, but there are different types of wood. The type of wood used will determine the price of the bookcase and its durability. Hardwood bookshelves are generally more expensive, but this kind of wood does not sag under the weight of books.

Besides hardwood, you can buy shelves made of softwood, plywood, particle-board, and MDF. Since the price of these different wood types varies, you should set a budget and look for the best option within your budget. Also, make sure to visit a store that would provide you with the full range of options, and not one where your options are limited. 

If you are buying a tall bookcase with doors, don’t assume that hardwood will be your best bet because it’s “hard”. Hardwood does imply that it’s harder or sturdier than other wood types. And softwood is by no means softer than other wood types. Douglas fir is a famous type of softwood, but it is one of the hardest timbres you can ever find.

If you desire to have termite-resistant wood, you can count on redwood. But aside from redwood, there are a few other termite-resistant wood types. These include Alaskan yellow cedar, Teak, Honduran Mahogany, and Walnut.

A bookshelf made of Pine would also have a good degree of termite-resistance. The button line is that you should always find out about the type of lumber used on a shelf before you buy it. What’s more, aside from wooden bookcases, there are also bookcases made of metal or glass.  

Material for Bookcase with Doors
Designs of Bookcase Cabinet with Doors

Designs of Bookcase Cabinet with Doors

The various kinds of bookcase designs available range from classic to contemporary designs. Some wooden shelves have glass doors, while others are completely made of wood. And then, the wood sometimes features different kinds of carvings and patterns. Just make sure to pick a design that matches the theme of your living room. But then, a contemporary living room can have a classic bookcase cabinet with doors and vise versa.

If you want something very unique, yet fashionable, you can go for a bookcase with doors on the bottom. These bookcases look good and will adorn your home with class and beauty. The good thing with these bookcases is that your collection of books will be visible since the upper portion of the furniture is open.

Another factor to consider is how many books you intend to keep in the bookcase. If your book collection is small to moderate, you can get a small bookcase with doors. But if you have a huge collection or your collection is growing steadily, you should get a shelf that has a lot of space.